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At R. M. Brown LLC, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and it all begins with our founder, Rashad Brown.

Rashad is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse skill set, ranging from hands-on experience in rebar installation to proficient project management. His journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Oregon State University, and over the course of 8+ years in the construction industry, he has honed his expertise.

His impressive portfolio boasts numerous successful commercial projects, spanning from the West Coast to the East Coast, encompassing subterranean, slab on grade, podium, and civil utility upgrades.

Rashad's outstanding career has been marked not only by his expertise but also by the valuable relationships he has cultivated. Over the years, he has fostered key connections with a diverse network of subcontractors. These relationships are instrumental in delivering the high level of quality and efficiency that defines R. M. Brown LLC.

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